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6 Dec 2001

I have Xp sp1 home, one of my drives is NTFS and I know i can password a folder.

I click on the folder-properties-security but all options are disabled.

how can i do this ?

ty !
do you have a password on your account and or do you have simple file sharing turned off??
I dont have any password on my user.
I dont have any password on the folder cause the option is unavailable.
How do I turn File Sharing On ? And If I turn it on besides the possibility on passwording folders, what does it do ?
assign a password to your account ... the turning off of simple file sharing is under open Explorer > Tools > View and under there somewhere
is the drive/folder your trying to password protect on an ntfs partition??
It still doesnt' work.
the folder is in a NTFS drive and it is still unavailable..
The server service is started...
I don't know what the problem might be.
Thats not an XP Pro only option is it?

* Edit *- yeah just found this ...
Access Control – restrict access to selected files, applications, and other resources.
here .
I though it was a NTFS feature...
ok, so anybody knows a software to password folders ?
There are some programs to encrypt files. Passwording a folder is an Operating System function and I've never seen an add-on for it.

You can search google for the file encrypters. I was not impressed. They are too cumbersome to use unless you buy the high dollar ones.

If you just want it protected while you aren't using it compress it with winzip and add a password.

Don't bother using the MS Product (Word, Excel) Password Protection. I had to recover a lost password for a friend and it took me a total of 20 minutes to find a brute force cracker on the web and break the protection using this machine. He had used an 8 character alphanumeric password (fairly strong). Using punctuation in the password would have slowed breaking it down some...

And remember. The rules for commercial encryption are that no system is allowed that can not be conveniently (meaning damn near real time) broken by the government.

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