NTFS File System


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13 Nov 2002
I have been using FAT32 and WinXP for a couple of years now,
I never trusted NTFS for some reason.
Im doing a major upgrade tomorrow and a fresh install of winXP.

Is it time I started using the NTFS file sytem?

What benefits will I gain?

Any performance boost?

All comments are much appreiciated :)
Yes, it is definately time to start using NTFS. You gain several benefits. One is security. You can incorporate security on your files using NTFS. But, the biggest benefit is the journaling system, which allows for files to be better organized on your HD. This allows for faster performance, better file integrity, less chance of corruption, and eliminates the need to run checkdisk after a crash. You can find out more about the NTFS file system at http://www.ntfs.com
I'd say use NTFS format if you're only going to use Windows (NT based) Operating Systems. This is because if you have say Windows 98/ME & XP in the same machine, Windows98/ME will not be able to see the partition/drive that has been formatted to NTFS.

NTFS is the format for the future, and you should get used to the benefits of it.
I'm sure you'd get to like it as time goes by. :)
The bottom line is that if you don't require backward compatability with FAT or have any legacy programs/hardware that specifically requires FAT/FAT32 then NTFS is currently the way to go. It will stay that way until MS introduces a new file system with it's upcoming OS.

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