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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by crkeith, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. crkeith

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    I converted from fat 32 to ntfs but I have a problem. After conversion, when I do disk cleanup it stalls and never finishes. Stops on "compress old files". Under windows task manager it shows 100% cpu usage. Everything then slows down. I then have to do an "end process" to stop it. I reinstalled winxp but no help.
    system: 1ghz athlon
    384mb ram
    windows xp pro:
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    When you re-installed XP, there should have been a "DOS" screen where it asks you if you want to reformat the partition as NTFS or not (during the early stages of installation). I've never done the conversion, but I hear it works for other people.

    Personally, after trying both ways, I decided to stick with FAT32. You can check out this thread for my reasons:
  3. Sage

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    Compressed files

    The first time I ran disk clean up compressed files took quiet some time (there were a lot of them) so just let it go do its thing. After the first time there was no problem. I set disk cleanup to run daily via schedsuled tasks, so now I never get a build up of files.
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    try to run it in the safe mode (F8)

    if it works there is a program conflicting your cleanup
    (norton diskdoctor for example)

    you can try to turn off some programs in msconfig to see whitch program it is !

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    I did let it run, for at least 24 hours and I could not see any progress. It worked fine before the conversion. I will try it in safe mode. Thanks for the advice.