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Ntfs christmas logo


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well i thought it would be a nice idea if some of the members had a go @ making an Ntfs christmas logo :cool:

we would need 1 for orbitz:

and one for ekko:

anyone think this is a good idea + wanna submit some designs?...............if there good then we could have a vote + slap [e]-punk will he puts it up :p


Well, I don't have the time to do it myself, but an idea that comes to mind is making the sphere with NTFS written in it into a christmas ball.

Edit: Yeah, kinda like Vipersnake did it. But maybe give it a little more detail.


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Originally posted by ViperSnake
Is my Orbitz logo cool or not?
how can i put this nicely.........it's crap :p

nah it's a good idea, but looks like it's been done in a hurry in paint ;)
My Ekko logo is even better!

EDIT: I did not use paint to make these logos, I used Fireworks MX (Which is the only Photoshop like program I have at the moment)


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something i just thought off is that there is the top banner as well which could be hollyied up or sumin ;)

hopefully a few of the graphic guru's will see this thread soon :cool: ,as there is only 22 days till the big day hopefully we will have a design in about a week?

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