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NTFS and Linux?



Anyone here dualbooting linux and win XP? If so, how can I make linux mandrake read and write to my NTFS partitions? I have a bunch of MP3 music on the NTFS side and I don't have the room to move them to a Linux partition. any help here would be nice.

Thanks in advance...

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i have red hat and xp booting on my school laptop, and the xp partition cannot see teh red hat one, due to the fact that the xp partition is ntfs and the red hat is fat32. it's my understanding that the two partitions cannot see eachother, due to the different file systems.


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Windows (no matter what version) can not read any sort of linux partition (XFS/EXT2/EXT3)
Unlike linux which can read windows partitions. Linux can only currently read NTFS as writing is currently unstable.

If your in mandrake type this (or something like anyway :) )

mkdir /mnt/win
mount -t ntfs /dev/NTFS_HD_HERE /mnt/win


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Originally posted by catch23
There is a folder somewhere containing contents of another drive (C:, with Windows)...I've seen it in Mandrake 7.0...don't recall where it was though.
before my partition on my laptop was ntfs it was fat 32 so linux could see the windows side, my school applied a image to my hd over simester break, and the windows was under the dev folder, and as winme was installed under a WinMe folder.

that what you were talking bout catch?

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