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ntdll.dll errors

I have been getting an awful lot of errors from this file , especially when trying to open video files, can i get a new copy of this file or do i need to fresh install. Version number is


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You could try going to run and typing sfc /scannow
You will need your Windows XP cd to do this

that would check all your core sys files and replace them if they are corrupted (I believe that is a core system file)

A simple google search might also provide you with a site which hosts the file.

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I remember those errors myself from a year ago :devious: that version of
ntdll.dll is installed with SP2.

In most cases it's caused by software, hardware or device drivers that's not fully compatable with XP (I assume your running XP) but most cases I've seen it's software. My ntdll.dll errors were caused by sonic my dvd v 4.5 it was crashing outlook when I sent and received mail so I thought outlook was the problem but when I uninstalled sonic my dvd the errors went away.

I heard reinstalling the service pack solved the errors on some systems.

If you can remember when the errors started and what software was installed around that time then uninstall it.

see if you have any older software that may not be compatable with SP2.

Reinstall the SP2.

Software I've seen cause that in some systems (sonic my dvd v4.5, webroot spy sweeper, thumbnail view in photoshop, nimda virus) just to name a few.

A complete reinstall didn't help me I installed the same software and hardware I had before and had the same problem then I went to software and found the cause of the ntdll errors.

The ntdll.dll file is in windows/system32 you can take a copy from another system running SP2 if you wanted to try and replace it in safe mode (I tried that also with no luck) But worth a try.

Good luck

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