NT and DSl

I have a windows NT 4.0 server running proxy 2.0. this machine has worked very well for the last 6 years using a dial up connection. I will be getting DSL very soon and wish to know what the easiest way to configure this machine to use the DSL connection as a proxy for the rest of my network.
After I install the second nic for the DSL connection how do I get the proxy service to use it instead of the modem it was using?
and how do I configure the new nic to use PPPoE?
Any advice would help.

Thanks in advance

Did I post this to the wrong group?
I know that NT40 is old but I do have a legal copy of it and can't afford to upgrade. Or am I asking the wrong questions? I work with computers a lot being a desktop helpdesk tech. but my knowledge of the back end of networking is very slim. My net work at home is something like this...
1)P3 550 ,running NT40 on a 500meg drive, with 128 megs of ram (proxy)
2)p4 2.6gig, running win98, 10g dirve, 128 ram
3)P3 450 ,running 98 13gig drive, 128 megs of ram
4)celeron 1.6gig, running xp pro ,128 ram, 20gig drive
5)p 166 win98 kept only for TVcard
6)lynksys 10mb hub
lots of wire connecting them


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I've worked with NT 4.0 a lot, but your question is so technical that it's hard to answer without being in front of NT 4.0 myself.

As for the NIC, does it not have documentation showing how to configure it with PPPoE?
well I'm a bit of a packrat, the nic in question was salvaged out of an old machine and the drivers were found on the net using the fcc id. I don't have much more documentation on the nic. Never thought I would need it. I mean one nic is pretty much like any other.
I was reading through some other posts on this board and found a link to "raspppoe" are any of you fine people familiar with this and will it work with MS Proxy20


you said it is a very technical question, ok how about this one....
Is it possible?


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It's likely possible, I just can't give you the specifics on how to accomplish it without access to an NT 4.0 machine myself. It's too technical to go at blind, in other words ... at least for me.
Thanks any way
I guess I will just have to put out some dollars and get a DSL router.
I still need to keep the NT box on my network seeing how it's my pdc.


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