Now Playing won't work on my laptop?! (Glaanie?)


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29 Aug 2002
Am getting my lap top sorted to do all the things I expect of it and this one is for some reason failing on me....

I'm using foobar same as I do on my main m/c and I have the AMIP add-on and the CURL in the right directory... can only guess there's something in the config I have missed, but it looks good to me - I'll try to get a screen shot for you guys to look at (wonders if Glaanie is still on :p )

Mainframeguy said:
I'll try to get a screen shot for you guys to look at (wonders if Glaanie is still on :p )

here it is - note that the password is there but for obvious reasons I have erased it from the screenshot


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This has me completely confused now because it is working from the server machine I have completely fine and I have looked at the note book set up over and over and it seems identical.... I am not trying to run both at once either BTW. Strange thing is also that when I stop the player on the server machine it leaves the last Song Played as the "now playing" one.

Any hints much appreciated - I am not listening to what it says below, BTW :p

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