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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kai, May 22, 2002.

  1. kai

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    Hi all.

    I am doing XP Pro installs for a university this summer. We use Novell as our network OS, and each student logs into his or her account through the Novell client. Since we are dealing with a university, we need the login process to be as simple as we can, so that we don't get a lot of people messing up the systems. The problem we're running into is this:

    When someone logs into Novell, they enter their password, then XP asks for a username to authenticate against. I know the why of it, I just want to know how to stop it. We tried the registry hacks Novell suggests, and they were no good. We've tried using a dummy account both with and without a password. We can get one of two results: either nothing changes (still requires two authentications) or the system will bypass Novell completely and then you cannot have access to your personal drives. These machines will mainly be used as lab machines, and personal drives are critically important.

    Disclaimer: I have been looking for the solution to this for two days now. The solution on Novell's website is worthless. The other tweaks I've found thus far have failed to work. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them, but please don't send me back to Novell's website again.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me!

  2. surge

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    heres an idea

    use windows 2000 pro and dont use novel to log in with,
    its easyer and less hassel,
    as far as i know i dont think there is a way to bypass the XP loging when using novel netware.

    anyhow novel has secruity issues with it , I would personaly jsut use win2000 in the enviroment where you are becasue its going to stop a lot of hack attempts on the network.
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    While that would suit me just fine, I'm just the poor grunt responsible for setting up the systems. The word came down from on high to use XP with Novell, so that's what we do :D
  4. surge

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    Yeah thats a shame, But why XP and Novel netware
    well as far as i can see XP is only good for setting up its own networking system , anyhow win2000 is cheaper than xp.

    but i will look into your problem as to why xp and novell conflict with each other.

    but before i do that have you tryed the auto login on xp ?
    using tewak UI, that might solve a the problem
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    New York
    I had the same problem here at my job with Xp and Novell so I just didnt bother. Well Novell client 4.83 with XP support is on their site. You probably know about it but if you dont well try it and see.
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    I also have XP running on Multiple machines at my office and have Netware running as our F & P Servers. What Flavor of Novell are you running 4.x or 5.x ? I am running with 5.0 and 5.1 servers with the client 4.83. I am having refresh issues among other issues. If you install the Microsoft Netware client that comes with XP we haven't had any problems. ( you cant administer without the client though ) I am interested in finding out if you have had any progress ?