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Notification of text messages sent / recieved?


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Hi ...
I have a problem with my Motorola V3. I live in the UK, and am on the Virgin network.
When I send a text message (SMS) I don't get any notification that the message has been sent and recieved by the recipient. The message then appears in the Outbox, even clicking on re-send several times, it is still there. My daughter informed me yesterday, that she got the same message six times, as, it was still in the outbox, I was assuming it hadn't been sent, and I kept trying to re- send it. The only way I can get it to go from the Outbox, is by using the delete option.
Is there a way to set up the phone, so it gives notification that a text has actually been sent and delivered. My previous phone (a very basic model Sendo) did this.
Any feedback, gratefully recieved ... Many Thanks.

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