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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Heeter, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. Heeter

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    Hi Guys,

    I am missing the Notepad from my XpHome. It is listed under the accessories programs but when clicked on, nothing happens. The Notepad is missing as well. I would like to reinstall it, what do I need to do. Thanks in advance.

  2. BonyTony

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    I dont think you can just add it in as its a protected part of may have to do a repair install of your cd rom.

    just to make sure your shortcut is pointing to the correct place copy and paste this into your Run window %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe just to see if it picks it up if not i have included a copy of my notepad file which you should unzip and put into the correct directory which the shortcut points to (not sure if it will work or not)
  3. PseudoKiller

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    In Windows XP notepad is located in c:\windows directory also you should be able to run notepad from the 'Run' box. It just sounds like the shortcut was corrupted. The actual program should be fine.
  4. Heeter

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    You are right, Pseudo.
    BonyTony, I used your file and put it in the accessories Folder. and now it works off "all programs".

    Thanks, Guys.

  5. Joseph

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    Another thing you could do is place your WinXP CD into your CD drive (has to be the same drive you installed windows from if you have more than one CD drive) and type "sfc /scannow" in the run box.

    It will scan your WinXP installation for corrupt, damaged or missing system files and replace them. However, if your using StyleXP or any custom login screen's, this will over write them and will need to be reinastalled/replaced after SFC if done doing it's thing.