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Notepad being used....


OSNN Addict
EVERYTHING opens in notepad.... even startup files etc....

i went into folder options and reset all to default.... no prevail
i ran a windows repair..... no prevail
i found a site with a ton of reg mergers to fix associations.... no prevail

anyone got any ideas --- not trying to reformat


OSNN Veteran Original
go to a file, such as a .doc and right click open, or open with....choose the program you want, and make sure to check off the option that says make sure from now on everythign opens with this....


OSNN Addict
ok - that worked for an mp3 that was opening in notepad....

but how to i reassociate startup items? - like norton and sound drivers etc?


OSNN Veteran Original
im not an expert, but pretty much any file types that are soppose to open with a certain program, choose that file and do that same thing. Do this with each type of file that isn't openign with the right program.


There is no answer!
Political User
well if all his programs are associated with notepad, that could take quite some time to sort out.


OSNN Veteran Original
I don't know what could of caused it, which if we knew it would be faster but that's the only way I know of so far.

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