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Notebook Power Schemes Options Not Shown


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Hi. I had re-installed the OEM OS and drivers to my Dell D610 and I noticed that the option for Power Schemes is not shown. I am looking for an option if : when I close the lid it would go in standby or hibernate or options that when I press the power button it would give me an option if I want to shutdown or just put on standby. I had attached the image of the power option window. Thanks.



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So, no success in working this out. Even checked Dell's sight for fix but "Quickset" was the only answer. Since the HD was acting up (separate post), I had re-installed everything and the power scheme option is there now. I never did any other options when installing the new system but it came out.. :??
Missing or corrupted device driver from MB plug and play install.

I swear Windows never installs exactly the same way twice. Hence the common advice to just reinstall it when having problems.

If it recurs check the Bios to make sure energy saver is turned on there and try jsut a repair install or removing the energy saver stuff under device manager.

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