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On where to put this since its sorta pc related


I got 2 free 12's in a box with an amp. Works great

But I want something bigger in my car so I am hooking it up in my house. I found out how to get the amp to turn on but i have no music source. I dont know what/how to hook the amp up to my sound card. Like how it would be plugged into a cd player in a car.

Right now I have just the subs hooked up to where my old creative sub was and have it like that but since the built in amp in my creative 5.1 only goes so much it doesn't pound like i want it too

Any ideas? I am guessing there is an adapter I could use for rca's


anybody done this?


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Edit: I did end up getting it but its thru my dvd player and i just put music cd in it and my dvd player doesn't have a volume control so ummmm ya know lol

I think our lil dinky cd/radio player thats actually nice but small has rca plugins so i think i can use that for now but i still would like to get the cables and adapters to plug the amp to my sound card so I can use my music on here and not make a cd if i just use the cd player

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