not sure if i should download internet explorer 6


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even tho i think will be moved to a different forum i say what i have to say anyway

i have windows me since my xp cd is messed up and my friend is goin to get the cd fixin thing to fix it but anyway

i installed me and downloaded the updates and then a few days went by till i downloaded the internet explorer 6 and i had to restart it to finish the install and the a screen came up after i restarted and it had a error and at the bottom of the error it said please reinstall windows

so i was woundering if i should try to install ie6 or not cause i dont want to install it again


Well the first thing I would do is format my drive and get rid of ME it is the biggest piece of **** that microsoft ever put out. I ran it for a month or so and had nothing but problems, same with a lot of people I know. So should you install IE 6? sure why not? just d it on a real operating system.


dont install IE6 on anything but XP m8

work in net support and it causes no end of issues on anything but that os ....... microsft tech advised us that thay dont support it on any OS but XP but its freely available to DL

"although lots of people can run it no problem "

and yup ME is a piece of junk

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