Not so sure whats the problem...


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20 Feb 2004
Hi guys, I am new here so please tell me if i do anything against the culture eh? :p

anyway, i need some tips from you guys. I just upgraded my pc bu replacing the mobo, cpu n ram, but now it tends to just reboot on its own, or sometimes boot up by itself. i went into bios and turned off all "boot on blah blah blah" configurations, and still testing to see if it resolves the issue... anyone got any ideas? I flashed the BIOS to the latest one already.. :(
if it reboots check your cpu temp. and check the windows logs
it boots up by itself?? youmean when its turned off.. it will just boot up out of the blue?? No user interaction??
I would say you dont have thing hooked up right.
The rebooting by itself is usually because of heat related issues. FANS FANS FANS get the air circulating... but the random start ups is something different.
maybe the random start ups are cayse by wake on lan ?
ture but wol is a unique hookup and config. one would know for sure if they configured that and its easy enough to disable.
seem weird to me when a system cold boots with no user interaction.

must be ghosts in the machine :D
haha... it was 4am last night when i booted the thing down and went to bed... then i suddenly heard a loud whirring sound and... well, the LEDs lit up the room :p

i turned off WOL and anything that could possibly cause a remote boot or watever, hopefully tonight everything would be fine :p but anyone has any ideas about the reboot besides heat?

i keep a temperature monitor running all the time and my CPU temp averages out at 54, system at about 32... if it helps, HD is around 35... i haf the fans n circulation going but it still happens? :S

read around some editorials that AMD thermal sensing diodes in the CPU is rather inaccurate... could that be the reason? thanks for the fast replies guys :D
hi guys... the darned machine rebooted again, but this time, the windows logs recorded something... i can't make it out so I have attached it here and tell me if you guys can make anything out of it :(


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if things are just plain rebooting, you might be overloading your powersupply, that size of an upgrade, it is probable. some times, the programs you may be automatically running, will reboot to do their jobs, norton did that to me. as far as an automatic cold boot that is usually something not hooked up correctly.... make sure you have "boot after power loss" (something along that line) disabled in your bios, if it is a power supply fault, it loosing and gaining power, even when off, would cause your computer to just turn on....
oh.. okay... the cold boot problem has been fixed... looked like the "boot on IRQ activity" option was the one giving the problem :p thanks toretto, but isn't a 400W PSU powerful enough? :confused:
thanks guys, i checked out some of the other threads and i resitted my heatsink with a little more of coolermaster's thermal compound... :D seems to work fine now.. more stable definitely :p
falcone said:
thanks guys, i checked out some of the other threads and i resitted my heatsink with a little more of coolermaster's thermal compound... :D seems to work fine now.. more stable definitely :p
welcoem to NTFS Falcone - now how about getting with the program and reformatting out of FAT32? :p
400 watts should me a good enough size, but it always depends on quality

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