Not reading files on CD Rom

For some reason all my old CD Roms on which I had backed up old my programs are showing as blank now. Anyone know how I can repair this?


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Dust on the laser lens, try blowing air into the CDRom player. Also test by dropping in your XP cd as well. This is based on the the fact that you have checked in your device manger that the drive is up to snuff, and that your drive lights and doors are working.

I didn't explain my problem clearly enough, all my games and stuff all work, its just the CD's that I burnt off ,pictures, videos and smaller programs I burnt onto CD's to back them up before I formatted over the years. now suddenly my CD ROM/Burner is reading them as blank CD's
Like when you right click the CD drive and go to "properties" it shows that the CD has zero MB on it? If it's showing that there is space taken up, try copying the disk with error correction and see what comes out.
Heeters probably hit the nail on the head, of course it could also be a slightly out of focus laser (had this problem so many times I’ve lost count even with new drives).

If your old burnt CD’s work in another CD (try at least four) and you don’t smoke, suspect focus, which on newish drives can’t be altered without a firmware update.

Without any doubt the most common problem in modern computers I keep coming across concerns CD/DVD re-writers under XP. If you don’t have access to test equipment and related software I’ve found that the cheapest method (especially with CD writers) is just to buy a new one. I still suspect that there are underlying incompatibilities with XP and some CD writers yet to be acknowledged.

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Could it be possible that the way you originally burned the CDs are not compatible with your old CD-ROMs (Format modes and ISO levels)?


Had this prob about 3 weeks ago...posted here to solve no answers.....tried this....

Uninstall the drivers for your cd-rom----> Restart your comp and let XP detect it automatically...

This solved my problem...I hope I solved



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If it was a driver problem, then all his CD's would not be working. Smoke's problem is that only burned CD's are giving him the troubles. Like Dave Holbon had said as well, I personally have gone through this with my burned CD's not working and my originals working.