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not phoshop, I swear

just because its over 2mbps does not mean its infinity or else i would have infinity connection speed all the time lol. they should fix that site (roadrunner is 5mbps)

Perris Calderon

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ah...mcafee agrees with you prodg, but they found this connection to be infinity anyway

read the time elapsed for the downoad;...zero.

I'll tell you, I think they're wrong about that, but I can't be sure.


pirate extraordinaire
that site is messed up. i have comcast, the yclaim 4 megs down, i usualy get 4 - 4.4.

ok, i went to that link, got a 2.2, so i clicked on re-test. it then tells me:

NaN kbps
NaN file size
NaN megs/sec

then when i hit the back button it told me

33.56 megs/sec.

did this a few times and it was consistant.

cleared my cache and had the same again.

FF 1.01 Comcast Cable

American Zombie

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I just tried the McAfee one and the first test said DSL/Cable then the next said Network (T-1) with the last one saying 56K modem so I question the accuracy of the test in general.

I feel more accurate tests can be found at Dslreports as there are East and West coast test servers so you can test with one near you. I think there are a total of 307 test servers at Dslreports.
electrickpirate said:
that site is messed up.
Yeah, it's completely inaccurate. I'm on a 802.11b wireless network here on campus, and I get 468.754 Mbps (58.594 MBps) without caching - it's the first time I've opened the page.
True...this is an insanely fast connection here, but it should be capped at 11 Mbps due to the wireless link itself.

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