Not going to be buying Splinter Cell: PT


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10 Feb 2003
I have to say when the demo first came out I was all for it, after thoroughly enjoying the first game I thought that adding multiplayer to the recipe surely spelled the kind of silent mayhem I was after. Unfortunately the ‘bugs’ I seem the have the misfortune of constantly getting and the lack of dedicated servers really hit a nerve. Especially when such great games like RTCW: Enemy Territory exist for free and manage to pull it off without a hitch; it seems to me that Ubisoft really rushed this game out. After reading through many forums and hearing other people's dissatisfaction with the full version game, I've decided not to buy it.

[events below take place over a few days]

After being told my graphics card couldn’t handle the high graphics settings (Radeon 9800 Pro) I soon modified the default.ini, a minor annoyance I can handle. Jumping on the game for the first time I had to create a profile with Ubisoft’s servers, annoying but hey they want to keep things private right? No 3rd party access, sure, fine, I can live with that. I finally get in, all right! Playing the game I am quickly disappointed with the lack of detail I was expecting for such a new game, but being online I could surely understand the developer’s need to keep texture map sizes to a minimum (despite now being on Ultrahigh graphics settings).

Soon I became enthralled in the game I was having, being spotted suddenly I decided to take a quick leap into a box for cover, 8 min of shooting my floating corpse and tonnes of “LOL’s, LMAO’s and OMFG another bug’s” the match ends. 10 min of waiting for a host later I enter yet another game, upon entering of which the host abruptly ends the session and I am in the lobby again.

I take a deep breath and continue to fiddle with the interface until another host is found. Finally, I enter another game, 30 min later and 15 hosts I find one that isn’t hosted by a 10 year old; and a delightful game of cat and mouse ensues, a great experience, what I had been expecting, nearing the end of one of many matches suddenly I am back in the main lobby where I am told I need to login again. Still buzzing from my previous game I immediately start searching for a new host, 10 min later the buzz has worn off and I have a scowl on my face and am looking around the internet for info on the poorly documented controls and play functions.

Giving up I start writing a post to express my utmost frustration with this nightmare of a gaming experience - - -
That multiplayer is very very good, and in my opinion, worth buying the game. On Xbox though, I haven't played it on PC ;)
I haven't played the mp... and am unlikely to try it... but the sp itself is pretty good... :cool:

well worth it imo... :D

graphically its not the best out there but I can still play it @ 16x12 so I can't complain...
well if u have xbox just get it for that
chaos945 said:
After being told my graphics card couldn’t handle the high graphics settings (Radeon 9800 Pro) I soon modified the default.ini -

You guys on the Xbox might not know what I'm talking about here, as I was unclear on what was telling me my graphics card couldn't handle. When starting the game for the first time a configuration utility is run, at which time it detects your system specs and adjusts the game's settings accordingly, since I was using Omega's drivers the utility didn't detect my card properly thus setting the graphics to the bare minimum.

I’m sure the game is great for console; maybe they have dedicated servers there, or in the full version. But that was only one of my peeves about the overall game play while on the PC. It seems to me that console gaming is very different than you would have on a PC, forgive me for saying but more of a ‘I don’t give a crap about graphics and I want to play without any bugs or worries RIGHT NOW!’ where as the PC allows for extensive modification and layout of your total experience however requiring at least some technical aptitude. Having that kind of freedom is what I enjoy about PC gaming, until consoles are able to be easily modified I think I'll be sticking to good old PC's, although the Xbox is pretty close despite Microsoft's best efforts.
I think the game will mature, althought I haven't played it myself, it usually takes a little time for a title to mature
I have no problems with sc: pt... running @ max res... the auto-config is basically following a baseline which may not represent the best gaming environment... in far cry it didn't and neither does it in sc: pt... I always tweak the settings myself anyways... auto-config for games like RTCW:ET only give me crappy settings and yet I can play flawlessly @ 16x12 with everything maxed..

since it is mostly about stealth you don't actually run around like in ut2k4 therefore you can actually make do with 30-40fps instead of requiring a constant 70+...

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