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Not a Blue Screen But a White Screen Freeze


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Hi. My notebook just started freezing up. It is not the usual Blue screen but a White screen. The white screen happened twice for the last 3 hours. I have not installed any software recently. I am still trying to figure out what could be wrong. I had already ran tune utilities to fix/clean the regs.
Blank white screen? No error messages or anything else displayed?

Frozen up for sure or guessing? Do caps lock, num lock lites, etc change when you press the associated keys. Any beeps if you fold a key down for a long time? If any of these responses occur the CPU and memory are still good and it's likely a video problem with the card or the LCD controller.

Does it take a power down to recover? How long of a power down?


OSNN Senior Addict
White screen. No error msgs.
It is frozeen since no keys can bring it back even ctrl-alt-del, no beeps ( i have not tried to hold a key for so long ). Manual power down gets it back after pressing Power Off for approx 3-5 secs.
Thanks. :(
If keyboard lights won't respond and no beeps then it is the CPU/MB.

First off think overheat. Make sure the air passages are dusted and the laptop is sitting on a table or other surface that will allow cooling. A beadspread or your lap raise temperatures. (Yes, yes I know laptop implies it will work on your lap, but is actual a hazard there (google articles on burned weiners and lawsuits).)

Next you start fearing a major component like the MB. Ram is possible but normally a fatal crash from ram causes a reboot, not a white screen. But ot be sure run a ram burn in program for a couple hours (memtest).

The white screen really looks like avideo issue. The next time it dies try hitting caps lock or numlock. Pressing ctl-alt del tells you nothing since if the video is gone you won't know if it brought up task manager or not.

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