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When I updated my PC to XP Pro, it said that some parts of Norton Utilities are incompatible with WinXP, for example: Disk doctor, Image disk, Speed disk and Registry tracker. And it recommended re-installing after I had upgraded to XP. Well, I did that, and, even though my Norton has the WinXP compatibility logo on the box, I wondered why some aspects were still incompatible!
Before I installed XP I was able to use all the Utilities that came with my Norton, but now all I have when I click on it is: Speed disk (which doesnt seem to work properly), system info, wipe info, Norton disk and Win doctor and unerase wizard! I have lost loads of things that I liked using.........WHY? Please shed some light onto this if you can. Should I re-install it *again*?
Which version are you using? I think version 2001 is the minimum you must have. I use Systemworks too and also have noticed things missing. I believe the installer "knows" which features will not work right and automatically does not install them.

The only features I've ever used is Windoctor, SpeedDisk, and Undelete, so I'm not sure exactly what is missing from the older versions. I really don't use SpeedDisk anymore since winXP defragger seems to do a better job of optimization, but WinDoctor and Undelete work fine for me.
Nope, its actually 2002 :)
But if it is true what you say, about the installer not installing everything because it wont work right, what is the point of Norton saying that its compatible with XP? I feel ripped off because I cant use all the utilities anymore.....
Ah, for that, I don't have an answer for. There are always "bumps" when a new OS comes out. I don't use all of Norton's features so I've never missed them I guess. I really only use the Antivirus, WinDoctor, and UnErase.
Ok...well, another question....about the Speed seems to take aaaaaages to do anything now. I also thought I would try the XP defragger and it took over an hour to do and still said that not all "volumes" or something could be done (??) It also said something like that for the Speed disk. My PC never used to take that long to defragment....

P.S. Anyone think I should install it again?

Thanks for your help!
Let alone the fact that I think Norton Utilies in the most unuseful, expensive and high-on-memory product in history... Any malfunction is due to system upgrade rather than software compatibility.
Upgrading Windows often completely overwrites system engine files so if you don't uninstall the program before upgrading (as suggested) you will likely run into troubles and the application anyway will not work properly.
You needed to uninstall norton and reinstall it right after the upgrade (along with eventual compatibility patches).
Uninstall/reinstall after the upgrade may fix some problems but it won't get your operating system healthy as before.
What other Utilities/Anti-Virus program would you recommend, Rootz?
I think the best utility is yourself!
You need to get to know how the machine works to have it perform the way you want.
MS basic management utilities are rather fine for system maintenance. All you might want to do can be achieved through control panel and system tools.
What's the use to load TWO Cleansweep utilities in the background at Windows startup to eventually remove temporary internet files... just do it through Internet Options.
Any further and more specific maintenance is up to your experience on dealing with the system...
Disk Cleaner can remove all the unwanted files you want... you pay for the Windows System and it can do these things for you, you should only know where they are... Why paying more money for something that the system already have, besides (one more time) norton slows down the system a real lot.
You should try uninstalling that garbage and see how Windows loads and works 5 times faster.

Regarding antivirus software, this is a must!
I experienced several times that norton is (not always) able to find out infections, but more often it can't clean them... just tells you to move infected files in quarantine (just pray they are not system files or you won't boot anymore).
I use McAfee Viruscan from version 4.x and my machines have always been on the run, it never let me down... it's cheaper, more reliable and requires less memory.

One last thing about norton... have you ever managed to uninstall this hell of a program completely without diving into the windows registry?
I've never uninstalled it apart from when I installed XP, so I wouldnt know about that! ;) You are the second person who has told me that Norton hogs memory, and I am beginning to believe it! But Ive brought it I dont wanna feel like Ive wasted my money by not using it!
Maybe I will get rid of the Utilities and try selling it on eBay or something...if thats possible. But Id like to keep the Anti-virus, as it has helped me out in the past.
I used to have Mcafee but it never used to update properly and I was left hanging there wondering if I was ever properly protected against viruses.
I dunno what to do now!........... :confused: :)

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