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Norton SystemWorks 2003 Problem

It's been a week and I can't get this update I get this error instead: I don't know wether it's for Anti Virus or for the firewall

Downloading Symantec Intrusion Detection Signatures (1 of 1), complete.

Installing Symantec Intrusion Detection Signatures (1 of 1), failed.
A program that was part of this update failed when it ran. This update was not applied.

LiveUpdate downloaded all of the updates you requested, but all of them failed to install. Please try to get the updates at a later time.
LiveUpdate session is complete.


Boogie Nights...!
Is it a legal copy?

Just tested mine and there weren't any probs.

Has this only just started happening?....eg have you only just installed or was it working fine before?


Boogie Nights...!
I'd suggest a reinstall. If it is related to you hard drive (not sure how) then i guess that would be your best best, it might have lost is default installation area and therefore causes an error like you described.

NB: Stop fiddling!!! ;)
Originally posted by Teddy

NB: Stop fiddling!!! ;)
what do you mean:huh:

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