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Norton Systemworks 2003 - FRAUD



internet 101. Click, then read...

I guess technically you are right Punk. It don't; however, It is an updated version of this picture according to symantec.


Try using email every now and again doofus, youd'e be suprised what you can find out. ;)

Look - Do what you want with this info, I just thought you may want to know all you can about it, seeing as how you have such a large following of peeps on this site (my homepage :D). If I am wrong (which I have been before), then the worst that could happen is we will all get a copy of Systemworks 2003. But if I am right, we could all get more spam then a platoon of troops at war-time. That may put some peeps off. Just trying to keep it real, no company is going to give away it's 100.00 products for free, and intend on staying in business for long.

Electronic Punk

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scoundral: its just a box shot. Had to come from Symantec originally, I tihkn what they are showing there is the reduced retail cost.


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oh my goodness, will you stop fussing about it and wasting bandwidth? if you think it is a hoax then don't bother signing up for it and go on with your day.

the offer seems more legit than anything, so hush up now. thanks.

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