Norton Systemworks 2002 sys-lagdown...



I just installed nortron systemworks 2002 w/ all the bells & whistles attached. When my computer starts up... there's a slight lag delay of maybe... 20 seconds to 30 seconds of nothing, THEN it will load my auto-protect and connect me to my PPPoE DSL. Not so bad, since I leave my machine running a lot, but in case for restarts its a's why. When I goto shut down, it does the normal "saving settings"....then...."shutting down"....and at THIS step, it seems to freeze.... the activity light on my computer stays lit, but I can hear no activity [ram, hard drive, etc] and after about 30-40 seconds...maybe even longer, I didn't time it..... it finally clicks my hard drives to shutdown/restart... whichever the case, the scenario is the same. Anyone know wtf is going on? /me really appriciates the input from this great forum. thnx


Have you run Bootvis? It is a great little tool that helped both my boot and shutdown time.

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