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norton problems

Perris Calderon

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at work the idiots are using the norton suite, one of the units a window pops up warning that live protection is not enabled, then it won't let me enable it

the window pops up about every 45 secs and makes work impossible

I just popped in to take a look, haven't done any scans yet

is this common with this peice of security elegance?

what's up?

American Zombie

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I have seen this on the home product NAV when activation gets messed up for some reason and the product thinks the trial period is over.

Symantec has a utility to fix it but not sure that is your issue.

Utility is HERE
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bush dogg

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Hey Perris I think American Zombie hit it on the head I updated my old Norton software to NIS 2005 3 user for all 3 systems. It did Ok until the trial period ran out 15 days and it wouldn’t activate on any of the systems it done the same as you’re describing.

I used all the tricks on the Symantec site with no success at activation. I also used the utility for activation problems SymKBFix3 (it adds or changes a registry key if I remember right).

I now use other security software (I just couldn’t get the software to activate on anyone of the 3 systems and run right) Symantec also sent me a replacement disk that I went through the same pop ups and activation problems with.

I would suggest if you have anything important on that system to make a backup before running the activation utility it really screwed things up on my systems all three.

Also I would suggest a full system backup or not mess with it until you have a lot of time to fix a major problem if it happens to you as it did me.

It was a BIG nightmare for me.

Good Luck!

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