Norton Personal Firewall 2003 question


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I just purchased NPF 2003 and I have a question or two for you folks that use it already. I got it installed and updated via LiveUpdate then headed on over to the Shield's UP! sight and it said all the ports it checks were closed except for port 445. How do I close a port in NPF?

The other question I have is related to DCC sends and receives on IRC. Do I have to go in and open specific ports to send on like I did with the ICF in XP or is it dynamically done for me?

Any input would be appreciated.


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I have just purchased NPF 2003.
Un-installed NPF 2002 and downloaded 2003

I then get a the dreaded blue screen Page fault in non paged Area. and Symantec Integrator could not Initialize.

I have tried three times and it is the same error, so it is consistent.
Any ideas to get the program in, I have only one hair left


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I don't know about 2003 , but in 2002 you had to check what program is using the port (in the "statistics" page i think) and limit its access.
I haven't used NPF in a while because i switched to sygate.


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Thanks for that Benny,
No Joy, I sent a report off to their support section, just had an e-mail saying update my drivers.
They are up to date running WinXP SP1.

I have re-installed 2002 and it is running fine.
Any ideas guys?

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