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Norton personal firewall 2002 help


Blame me for the RAZR's
ok i think i posted this awhile ago but i am going to post it again.

Norton Personal firewall 2002. is flipping out on me. i get these security alerts that a netspry trojan is attempting to access myc omputer. but the kicker is it happens ever 2 seconds. Now i am positive its not my computer. (i just formated and its still doing this. Everything is updated. And my roomate who is connected through a router isnt getting it (he also uses the same prog). Its driving me nutts and has to be slowing me down.

Now. i like personal firewall intergrated into anti virus. so please forgo the get a better firewall comment. allthough if i need to i may go to zone aarme or try out norton 2004.

Any ideas.
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