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Norton Internet Security 2005 Blocks Microsoft Outlook


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Hi. I had tried to search for a thread discusses my issue but failed so far. I had a notebook with Microsoft Outlook used as my email handler. I used to have NIS 2005 installed and everything was ok. Then I tried to use AVG. Then now re-installed NIS. I noticed that I can't send or receive email anymore with an error 0x800CCC0F. Tried to call comcast and everything was fine since I can send/rec email on my desktop with the same NIS 2005 setup. I had tried to uninstall NIS 2005 and opened my Microsoft Outlook and it send/rec. Then re-installed NIS again and the same problem exist. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks. :dead:


Restore the image you created before changing security products.

Or remove all permissions in NIS and then re-enableing as each program asks for them.


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you may have to do what was mentioned above. hehe, i work at comcast. another option: if you double-click NIS in system tray and go to Personal Firewall, Configure....see if outlook is mentioned and that it IS permitting Outlook to work.


There is no answer!
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use this tool to totally remove norton, this will thoroughly clean out all norton products from your system, this is a symantec tool. Norton easily gets ****ed up, i've had to use this a lot in the past for these same issues.

then restart your system, if you then wish to reinstall norton do so.



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I will follow all suggestions. I will post what happens. Thanks a lot.

I had tried to remove all permitted programs and ran outlook, still it did not work. I will ran the norton uninstaller then re-install it NIS again. I'll post back. :(

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for a second. after uninstalling NIS with Symantec's uninstaller, and after re-installing back the NIS, my outlook mail work for a few minutes and I thought we got it but after a while the same error came out "0x800CCCF". Tried to follow to steps given my microsoft and symantec's support for "outlook" error but both failed. I just un-installed NIS again and will try to use AVG again. What else can be done? :(


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lancer, that's the site that I had checked and followed the steps including following symantec's steps. but both failed.


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It may not be a norton issue at all. AVG does have an outlook plugin for scanning emails. If it wasn't unistalled completely, that could be the problem. What version of outlook are you using? 2003 has a "Detect and Repair" under the "Help" menu, not sure about older version. Might be worth a shot.

BTW I am a new memeber, hope I can help.

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