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norton install

i was installing norton and the computer restarted. the install wnats to resume from the middle of the install, but when it does, it just stopps and frezzes the comp, what can i do?


What Norton were you installing? AV, Systemworks? What OS are you running. Need more info.
im trying to install norton systemworks 2003. now when i boot up, the system just uses 100% of my CPU, till i restart and it does it again. (coolmon on desktop, thats how i see CPU usage)


You didnt get it off kazaa/mirc..., did you? If you did then thats your problem and we cant help you, sorry :(


Did you buy your copy of Noron Systemworks or did you download it illegally like most of us do?

Anyway, just dont install cleansweep. Youll probably not use it.
bought it off a friend (partially legal?) but i think that if i remove ativius, by deleteing it, that i can clean install. only problem is that it is in use, or access is denied. how can i delete that?
question: the command line starts out c:\documents and settings\name:_ how do i just get to C:\? and then to C:\Program Files\Norton SystemWorks\Norton Antivirus? i want to delete the files that are messing up the system

better question, can i just delete the registry tags?


Better yet...go see your friend..and get your money back...system works on XP aint all that great and doenst do much..but take up HDD Space (Bloatware)


For what's it worth[actually not much] i've used nortons AND mcafees, wasn't impressed, by either, i run xp also, and i really like avast, and best of all, it's free, it's caught things, that the other two, didn't,

Jason Roberts

Maybe the best bet is to clean install Windows and then install Norton Systemworks 2003. If you have the Pro version, you can do the clean install and then use Ghost to do an image of your hard drive to CD or other partition on hard drive. I got Norton Systemworks and installed it on XP.... installed and ran it flawless for 3 years now.

jroc, watch your mouth! Norton is NOT bloatware! If you don't use what it offers, then don't install it! There are lots of useful features in this wonderful package! Antivirus, System checkup, system cleaner, Hard drive imaging (Professional version only).

There are options for you at installation to tell setup not to install what you don't need....
i did a clean install of XP because i had a W32/Pirate worm in there killing off most all of my *.exe files. i went from running nothing in the backround to now running AVG, Norton and Zone Alarm. wow, what a difference.

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