Norton Firewall 2003 Expired?


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Hi All

Ok i Started My Computer todoay and Ran the Liveupdate Program to Find that Certain Things could not be updated so i did alittle digging and clicked on Norton Firewall 2003 Subscription Services and it doesnt Says its Expired Exactly Just Says that this tells u wen things expire n lists The Firewall also, on the Norton Antivirus Status Tab it says Subscription service not installed? Whats this mean? n i hav had no warnings or anything that anything expires?

Pls Help

Pics Attactached...




When did you last install the programs?

If it was over a year ago then subscriptions service is for one year only. You can update virus defs manually, usually majorgeeks is very upto date on the updates.

You can check also with a file from symantec to see if there is an error.


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ok so if i download updates Via Intelligent Update Through The Symantec Site that Gives me The Virus Definitions, but if i want Intrusion Detection updates etc i should go to this major Geeks site for the full liveupdate package?


You can reinstall it but it has a security setting in registry that tells the software when your subs ran out.

Either buy a new version or pay for further subscriptions.

If you are sure that you have used live update for less than 1 year then go here:
in section below check knowledge base, then above that in search type 'livesubscribe' (without quotes) and work you way through articles.
If its been a year dont you think its about time for a crash/reinstall anyway. that way when you reinstall norton you will have another year of free updates
speaking of, its time for a crash myself


Thats why they (in version 2004 and onwards) did activation so your key matches a lock they have so even if you format and go back to clean start you only get what time left for that key.

You used to in 2001 just uninstall then reinstall for a years extra's. 2004 is well worth the £49.99 I paid not a problem atall.


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Norton 2004 is Rubish Brought it and took it bk as it was awful, 2005 seems better, im sticking with 2003 for now tho, n i dont wanna Reformat just yet, Really Cant b Bothered lol


Norton Internet Security 2004 is great, better than any previous versions IMHO!

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