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norton firewall 2002 on xp pro in 2005

norton 2002 firewall. can anyone forsee any problems loading this on a totaly up to date XP pro PC?

personaly i dont want to load it but its what the customer wants.

anyone know of any problems?


Overclocked Like A Mother

I client of mine asked the same thing with the same product about a month ago. Although I knashed my teeth and stomped my feet about using it, I installed it and it worked fine. Go figure, but a firewall is a firewall, anyway you look at it. Ancient, but it worked.....

Convince them to trust the MS firewall, and convince them to switch to AVG.

If not - no I cannot see any issues - provided the product is still valid. Usually Symantec allows you to use the product for a set period of time.... I tried reinstalling Norton 03 on a client's system (same deal as you ;) they wanted it) and even after wiping the registry clean I couldn't install it.

I worked around it by setting their system clock back to Novemeber 2003. ;)

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