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Norton CleanSweep 2001



I have a question. Here's an example of one the advisories given by CleanSweep with respect to a duplicate dll:

"The file 'C:\Programs\Executive Software\DiskKeeperWorkStation\dfrgres.dll' has the highest version number, but is not in the Windows System folder. You should move this file to the Windows System folder.

You should then be able to delete all other files."

Would you reccomend doing this? Also, doesn't Windows look first to the System folder for the dll needed for a program, and then secondly to the program folder itself?


It was sort of a test, allan. I don't use this site much.

You know what? You responded to my question on the other site in no-time flat. We had a lenghty exchange on the subject. I even spent time testing a dll transplant, failing miserably, and having to run Disk Image restore. Then went back to the other site, posted a few more remarks, on this, and some other subjects.

That, in the time it took for no one to respond to me here.

See you back there. :)


TwoZigzagColt45, I didn't see that post. Thanks for the advice.

I found that Ontrack's Registry Fixer was deleting registry entries from NAV. So I uninstalled Ontrack, uninstalled NAV, then re- installed Ontrack's registry fixer. Ran it, then deleted Ontrack, and re-installed NAV.

Works for me. :p


TwoZigzagColt45, I re-read that thread. I guess that wasn't my solution to the problem.

If I recall correctly now, (but I'm not real sure, because it's been awhile), although Ontrack was deleting some entries in my registry created by NAV, it was GoBack that was causing the interference with my desktop display.

I've since discovered GoBack doesn't cooperate with this other programs I have, too, like Disk Image 2002. So I said good-bye to GoBack.


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Mmmmm........ I have none of those programs, since found out that desktop enhancing programs can stop this bug from occuring I have StyleXP installed & cant recreate the bug. So far everybodies story on how the bug appeared has been different..... very strange :confused:
also did you see my enigma for a pic of the bug ?


That is how my desktop ended up looking. Not sure I want to try to duplicate the problem, though.

You seem a bit more technically skilled than me. My big fix for this kind of stuff is to restore my system to a previous state.

It would be interesting, though, to find out what causes this, and its fix, since you say you don't have the same programs that I thought were linked to the problem.


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Originally posted by NotBold_Fortune

You seem a bit more technically skilled than me.
:D thanks for the compliment, but I really am a bit of a novice, never had lessons or courses, did'nt touch my 1st PC till I was 33 that was 2 x yr ago.

the desktop puzzle is solved


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