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Norton Antivirus 2004 Problems...


Daniel Rossi

Hi Everyone,

I have just installed norton antivirus 2004 professional on my machine and it has slowed everything down (i previously had version 2003 on and it worked no probs) my machine runs windows xp pro with sp1 bla bla bla on a amd athlon xp 1800+ with 512 mb of ddr ram. i open up my start menu for example and it takes long to load up instead of just about instantaeneous, i install progs, try to copy large amont of files and it pops up a message saying windows explorer is trying to scan files or norton antivirus is trying to scan files press ok or stop scann or something to stop the scanning, trying to scan my hardrive is a nightmare as its sooo slow in other words it slows everything to a crawl

i have even tried formattin and reinstallin everything from scratch to no avail ne ideas or is there a patch released to fix this etc?

ne info bak is very much appreciated
Originally posted by Napalmnthemorni
Any word on Systemworks 2004 and is it out yet. If anyone has this are the problems being seen with SW2k4
It's out. Not heard any problems with the other tools but obviously NAV comes with it.

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