Norton Antivirus 2003 is giving me trouble!!!


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Norton Antivirus 2003 Liveupdate Problems...

Hi Everyone,

This problem is really starting to annoy me... what is happening is norton's liveupdate says it needs to download updated antivirus definitons it does it supposedly installs them and says its completed successfully but it hasnt because when you open norton antivirus's control panel up the date on the definitions hasnt changed and the only time it changes is when i download the intelligent updater thing (around 4mb) off symantecs site and let it install its definitons then it actually changes...

does anyone know how to fix this as i dont want to have to download a 4mb file all the time just to update definitons when liveupdate only needs a few hundred kilobytes...

anyones help is very much appreciated
You could completely uninstall Nav 2003 and Live update - then remove all the registry entries, but using the RNAV tool from the symantec website.

Then reinstall and start again.

This should help you out, NAV has one of the most unreliable installers/uninstallers i have ever used.


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Hi m8
If I was you I would run live update first, as I just went through all that bulls**t my self and I ended up re-installing from an image file. Symantec has just releast a patch for their live update 2.** program. It fixed my problem, and might be able to fix yours. I spent nearly 2 weeks (not every day) trying to fix the problem. I re- installed from image twice. Re-installed all my symantec programs 3 times and live update 6 times.
It wasn't until I got the latest update patch that it did what it was supposted to do. That patch came out last week.



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Thanks EJM and TheBlueRaja

Thanks for the help guys i really appreciate it, i ended up havin to reformat my computer coz then Liveupdate wasn't even seeing any of its own programs - wierd! soo after the format i reinstalled everything told it to install everything besides virus updates for the first few times and it seems to have worked soo far soo good


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Were you logged in as an administrator whilst running live-update. I had a similar problem when logged in as a power user, but cleared up when run as an admin.


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Hi m8
If you had gone onto symantec's knowledge base You could have saved your self a re-format. What happens is that your registry retains some of symantec's program info, so when you install live update all it sees is live update and will only update that one.
Another thing is to save the files in \Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Application Data\Symantec\liveupdate, so that after you have re-installed live update you can copy them back. This makes live update find all the programs.



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Glad you got it going Dan04. I ran NAV for years and finally got tired of it messing with my other programs and I said goodbye and got AVG 7.0. There is AVG FREE Edition also with free updates, It works great and quietly in the background using little if any CPU. And I don't have to hear that hideous noise NAV would make everytime I rebooted. Hey but NAV works and its the leader in the industry, but if you ever get tired of it there are allot of alternatives.
im amazed how i hear alot of people have troubles with nortons products, i myself have never had too many troubles untill i installed liveupdate 2.0 then i went to their site and downloaded the updated version of number 2 and everything seems fine, the only reason why i havent gone to any of symantecs 2004 range is because of their dodgy product activation that doesnt work properly on all pcs and that it grinds all your pcs down to a halt due to obvious bugs in the program soo ill wait till the 2005 version and if thats worse ill be thinking of going to something else that everyone recommends :p

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