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Noron Firewall 2003


Arte et Marte
Stuck this on my daughters machine, but it will not let Internet Explorer access - I think that when she first used it she blocked access by mistake (but will not admit). Is there a 'quick & simple' way to enable?


this is the security section... i dont believe any norton product qualifies as "security" try in the apps section ;)


In the beginning......
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Open NIS, click on personal firewall, then configure on the right hand side of the screen.
Program control tab, then scroll down to Microsoft Internet Explorer and ensure that Internet access is not marked as blocked or something.

bush dogg

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Yep What rushm001 said should take care of it for you. But if for some reason it don't just click configure and it will search for internet capable app's again then you can give it access.


Arte et Marte
hi rushm001/bushdogg

Configured the Norton firewall, but still no joy. I actually re formatted hard drive and re installed everything, but it is still the same. It seems to block any msn page - UNLESS I go through the AOL browser, and I can then access msn pages (I would be ok with this, but as it is my daughter's machine, she MUST be able to go straight on msn). I have the same O/S's AOL & Norton Products on 3 machines, but this one is the only one with a problem.

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