Normal window noises dissappearing


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I've previously read alot of posts about the normal window clicks and such just stopping...I have a ghetto fix that seems to always work for me....just open up mediaplayer and let the default page load...then hit play...for some reason as soon as I hit play all my window noises come back lol

hope this works for other people to for when ya get really mad at the noises not being there and ya don't feel like rebooting
Cool tip. It worked for me. I read something about certain hardware features are 'put to sleep' after a certain amount of time, in relation to this issue. I guess this wakes it up again :confused: .


Yup great tip but personally the first thing i do when i install an o/s is to go into the sounds pannel and disable all of the annoying windows sounds that you dont need!!! (hey i know what is happening when windows boots up, i dont need an annoying jingle to confim that all is well :) after all, that is what POST's are for!)


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ya, the jingle I got rid of...but it's that click I need! the only way I would get rid of my click is if I had an Ifeel mouse to let me feel when I clicked a link and such eheheh

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