Noobie: Installing SATA HD on new rig.


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Well, I've got almost everything I need for my upgrade but still waiting for to purchase the CPU at their end for delivery.

Anyway, it will be the first time that I'll be using a SATA drive so would like to ask whether I need to a floppy drive to install drivers in order to use the SATA HD. I'm not planning to install a floppy in this new system as quite a few members here have mentioned that they also have no floppy installed.

The motherboard came with two floppy disks - both contain RAID drivers.
I'm not going to use RAID on my system.

If drivers are needed in order to use the SATA HD, how should I go about installing the drivers? Plug floppy in, then pull it out after? Or, other method?

Any help will be appreciated
Thanks in advance.


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What operating system are you going to be using? XP SP2 includes native support for SATA hard drives. I had no problems at all using an XP Pro install disk with SP2 slipstreamed. No driver disk required.

If installing something other than XP SP2, yes hook up the floppy, install XP using the driver disk when prompted, then remove the floppy drive after everything is up and operational.


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Yes, will be using XPSP2.
Was hoping that they'd incorporate USB flash keys as a way to install drivers by now. lol. Don't want to be ripping out the floppy from my old system.

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Well some say outright USB in the choices some might work with removable device in list and others might have a look for other devices choice.
I installed WinXP SP2 on my SATA drive when I bought a new rig around new year. SP2 did not recognize the SATA drive (since it was put in non-native mode to make use of the NCQ features among other things). I didn't have a floppy, so I tried to use a USB stick, but the installation wouldn't have it (it required A: ). I ended up having to dig out an old floppy drive in the end to get it running.


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I think Kermit should give procedures for booting and installing Windows XP/SP2 without floppy then. Only he seems to be able to install windows on SATA without the need for a floppy. :)
I bought an Asus P4P800S mobo for a new rig i was building about 6 months ago. Didn't come with any floppy disks. Slapped in a 250gb SATA, had NO problem at all with the mobo recognizing it.
Installed WinXP Pro SP1 and it works perfect.

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