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noob WiFi buying advice needed



Hi all
Been lurking here for a while and have picked up lots of tips. Thanks!
I'd like to set up a wireless home network. I currently have 2 computers and am soon purchasing a Dell notebook with integrated wifi. My main computer uses WinXP home. It has an ethernet connection to a dsl gateway and an Epson usb printer.
I'd lke to allow my kids computer access to my printer, but not the internet. Its running Win98 SE. The laptop needs internet and printer access. Its comes with XP home as well. What I'd like from you guys is recommendations for what to buy and where to buy it.
I have no networking experience at all so I'm looking for hardware that's easy to set up. Also good support is necessary. Both of these are more important than price to me. Do I need a print server as well if my main computer is always on? Do they work with usb printers? Let me know if more details are needed.
Thanks for the help.
No you won't need a print server if the main computer is on. The easiest way to do it is to get an accesspoint that you put by the main computer (connected via ethernet cable to the network card). Then the other computers use wireless card to connect with. I don't really have much experience with wireless but I've heard that you should stay away from Intel cards.


As for what brand to buy, I have never had any problems netgear and my friends have nothing but good things to say about it.

You can do this by buying a wireless router. The router will allow you to share internet access between all of your computer (which you can disable on the computer that you don't want to be able to access the internet) and printing can be shared by all computers hooked up to the network. Its not hard at all to do, you just need a ethernet card for every computer.

And Support? Well, there is no support that matches up to the old xp-erience forums :)

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