Nomad Zen Problem


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20 Feb 2004
I have a nomad zen that i have had for about a year, and now the audio is only playing out of the left channel. if i move around the headphoen connection i can get sound out of the right channel, but it is very spuratic. i was told that it was dirty, but after spray compressed air into it, (hoping to clean it) it still does it. Any way to fix this?

(i was a member before, but the fourm dosn't reccognize my password/username. oh well. im back on NTFS because i missed the community)
The DB was wiped out, meaning all old user-names disappeared. so welcome back.
With regards to the Zen, are you sure it's definitely the unit and not the headphones?

If it is the Zen, and it's not dust, the only other thing I could think it would be is a loose connection/wire, which would require opening the unit to fix.
no, i have tried 3 cables

and thank you for the welcome. i've missed it.

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