Nokia 8310 IMEI changer?

Discussion in 'Portable Devices & Gadgets' started by ZAnwar, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. ZAnwar

    ZAnwar Guest

    Does anyone have an IMEI changer for the 8310?

    (I did not know if this breaks the guidelines)
  2. Geffy

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    United Kingdom
    I think this would be breaking the guidelines.
  3. ZAnwar

    ZAnwar Guest

    damn, again another rule breaking thread!
  4. ZAnwar

    ZAnwar Guest

    Now come to think of it, I don't think it breaks the rules!

    I just wanted to know where I could get it from?!?
  5. SPeedY_B

    SPeedY_B I may actually be insane.

    Midlands, England
    Changing the IMEI number of a phone is probably against the provider/manufacturer agreement, and I can only think of one reason why'd you'd actually need/want to do this anyway, and that's illegal.

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