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Nokia 7610

Electronic Punk

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Having a great time trying to get my data off my 6600.
Either phone memory or different sized memory cards.

Ok, will use PCSuite - except neither phone is compatible.
Oh right.
I officially hate you now.

That's the same damn phone I've been wanting to get. Costs a freaking bomb here right now though, especially since none of the service providers have it yet.
The 3650 I have, as well as the 3600/3660/6600 can do most of what the 7610 can software-wise (all are Series60), but the 7610 has some great new stuff, including the 1MP camera, more internal memory etc. Besides, it has a MUCH better design than any of its Series60 predecessors.
Congrats man. That's probably one of the sweetest phones in the market right now.

How did you "get" one, by the way?

EDIT: What are you guys talking about? The 7210 is junk compared to this!


Well mobile phones remind me of when we got digital alarm wrist-watches that played
20 tunes, 'I wish I was in dixie' was one of the tunes we played in assembly to piss off the Head master in Junior School. They are a fad.

Watches are supposed to tell time, mobile phones are supposed to send and receive phone calls.

What is with all the add ons? Don't say coz I am old I don't understand as I have seen grandads playing games and watching footy highlights on them also.

I can't understand why you need all those extra's and have to change it month-by-month, someone explain!

Ohh I don't have a mobile phone that is why I am ignorant!

Electronic Punk

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A little bit complicated

6 months ago I got my 6600 for £75 with a Vodafone tariff.
Today at about 11am I decided i was bored with it.
At around 11:30 I arrived at phones4u and told em I wanted to upgrade my phone.

Ended up paying £90 (or will do) to end my Vodafone contract 6 months early.
The guy then told me that the phone, unsimmed, was worth £200 and privately offered me £50 as wanted to pimp it over to some philapeno dudes that worked in the hospital. I denied the cheeky little scamp, tho was amused by this extra information.

I am now on a O2 contract and got the phone free. So really, if I can sell this 6600 for anything more than £90, will infact be quids in? I think. Either way, it's all good.

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