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noisy cpu fan


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i have a coolermaster heatsink and fan for my (athlon xp) computer. i need to know if you can buy new fans for these (60mm) and where is the best place in the uk? will any 60mm fan do?

i was also thinking of getting a zalman flower cooler. are they easy to replace? i need some sort of paste don't i? is this risky, or is it worth the risk when i can just get a quieter fan?


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thanks ming. would you recommend i just buy a replacement fan or will a new heatsink be better - i want a quiet pc.


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Depends on the temperature of your machine (cpu) at full throttle.
If the temp is over 55C then you might want to change the heatsink too.
The Coolermaster Aero7+ seems quite good with the airflow and also includes a fan controller. :)
If you're looking for a quiet machine, try and look in the description of the products regarding the noise. Usually anything under 22dBA is quiet enough.

Gus K

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i have a coolermaster heatsink and fan for my (athlon xp) computer.
Coolermaster products tend to be rather quiet, did the fan just start getting niosy?.

i need some sort of paste don't i?
Seeing as you asking this question you might be better off just replacing the fan, as installing some coolers can be a bit tricky the first couple of times.
Depends on if that fan is defective or not. I've seen them new out of the box with bad bearings. Noisy as hell. You can tell between just noisy and a bad bearing by the vibration level or with power off spin the hub of the fan (not the blades, they break easy) with your finger and feel for any roughness as the hub spins around.

Assuming the fan is ok but just a noisy design you can buy fan speed controllers if the CPU is not running too hot you can lower the fan speed to 4200-4500 rpm and it usually helps the noise. Adjust speed for tolerable nise to heat tradeoff.

Problem with buying a new fan is you never know if it will be better or worse than what you have. You also have to match the speed and airflow (CFM) or the sink may not cool enough.


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ive got that zalman heatsink and fan today in the post, along with my lian li case :). it was the fan that's noisy, but been after one of these from when i first got my computer (but limited funds, etc)...

thermal grease... thats what i was talking about. luckily comes with it ;)

just need to get me dads friend to put it together :D

thanks everyone!

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