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9 Jan 2004
Hi. I am experiencing a very annoying loud mechanical noise coming from the power supply. I know it is the Power Supply fan. So I took it apart and looked over it but didn't find any thing that would make it so loud I could hear it from the kitchen room (lol). So a new power supply is a good idea. This noise is driving me nuts Luckly, I am deaf and I can simply turn off my hearing aids!

One problem is does it matter which power pack I buy? There are different types of power supply and I am not sure about which one to pick up. This will not a problem soon because I am looking at purchasing NetGX (a member at Neowin) computer. But this computer would be for my sister so I gotta get it working for her.

This power supply is:

Model: SPS-250-15XE
AC Input: AC230V 3A
DC: 92 W MAX

Bring the old one with you to the store, and make sure the one you buy is the same size ... besides that you'll only be looking for a ATX power Supply
What Goatman said plus:

That's not a typical power supply (much too small). You may have trouble finding a replacement. If you do have problems do a web search using google for SPS-250-15XE you should find some mail order houses. If that fails you will need to contact the computer manufacturer.

Not to scare you but - The problem is the bearing on the fan failing. It can lock up at anytime. If it does the power supply could overheat and catch fire. Do not leave the computer on when you are not there and pay attention to if the fan stops making any noise at all.

If you can't find a replacement and are technically oriented or know someone who is you can just replace the fan. The fan will have a voltage (usually 12Vdc) an airflow (xxx CFM, it varies) and a current rating (usually 0.1 to 0.25 Adc). Get a fan with about the same ratings and with the same mounting hole locations and you can just swap them out. This will require some cutting of wires and soldering. Make sure the air blows out the back after replacement.

I used to have to do a fan repalcement once a year in the early days of PC's.
Possibly, like I said you have an unusually small power supply for a desktop PC. (It is desktop right?)

You have to get the mounting hole pattern size from the fan (thats the 80mmm, etc in the link). Just measure the space between the screws holding the fan on the back of the power supply.

You need to see the label on the fan to find out voltage, current and airflow.

Also the thickness of the fan matters too. If it's too thick it won't fit. Too thin is ok as long as it moves enough CFM of air (Cubic Feet per Minute).
ok thanks.

Actually this computer is a very old Pentium 3 desktop computer running Windows XP Pro. It is going to be sold soon at a very cheap price. Ok I will have a look at the fan. It takes 2 screws, but it does have four screw holes.

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