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8 Apr 2005
I'm looking for a new AV client for my servers and clients, and I'm looking at NOD32. I have a few calls into some re-sellers for the Enterprise Edition, as ESETS doesn't sell it directly (lame?)

Anyone use it, have any other suggestions for solutions they like? I've been using Norton for awhile and quite simply put I think it's crap.

I want to maintain the ability to push out the install to the clients, and monitor all activity from the server.

Don't really want to use McAfee, not impressed too much with that either.


Woo, found a site with reasonable licensing flexibility and pricing :D
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My boss got a good deal from some us reseller than began with r but basicallythe enterprise edition is the same as the home suser edition, it just has a minimum purchase aof 5 as far as I can tell (oh and it installs on servers and integrates with exchange).

Look around for a good deal and go for it.
Yeah the deal I found is great. I know there are very few differences, cept for all the EMON, AMON, DMON and whatever the other one is. I also need to be able to centrally monitor things because of silly and non-intelligent users.

I was able to get in touch with someone last night, which is good because everyone else I had to fill out a silly web form and wait for a reply (still nothing). He gave me a test license file that is good for 30 days.

Time to play :cool:

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