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NOD 32 /FLAGS Adware.Alexia

I know there are a few members here that use NOD32 for there virus protection has anyone had it flag a virus called "Adware.Alexa Application" ???? I did today downloaded "ad-aware se personal 1.05" then unzipped it and the flag went up. It couldnt be Q'teened or removed or renamed. Just wondering. Didn't want to say which site i got it at. Unless its alright to do so..I have yet to inform them but intend to do so.. It wasnt Lavasoft.
Frogg_Mann 8)
I just sent them an email to warn about this problem child. It seems like a ad trojan just thought it was strange that NOD 32 flagged it. Anyone know if its defined? I'll look see.

correction on title: WIN32/Adware.Alexa Application

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Version 1.03 :rolleyes:
I have no idea where you got that file but I will say that Ad-Aware has been at version 1.05 since around September.
More on the matter

Typo AZ it was v 1.05.
As far as i can tell its a False Positive, It's being flagged by Spybot S&D as a
False Positive/spybot Dummies/Alexa, also.
In the forum at the link that is posted above someone stated that it has been sent to Eset to be analyzed. It doesnt seem to be a serious threat from what i read.

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