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NOCHEX email scam !!!


OSNN Junior Addict

I just recieved an email from NOCHEX asking for my credit card details (I HAVEN'T REPLIED)

I have used them before but the return address is NOCHEX Account Departament <resist.x@ajacied.com> It's SPAM

This is on thier official forum

You may have received a spoof email claiming to be from NOCHEX entitled "Your Account is Limited". You should be especially cautious of emails that direct you to any web site asking for sensitive information such as your NOCHEX password or debit card details

Just thought I'd let ya all know


OSNN Junior Addict
nahh I haven't replied.

The reason I posted was just to let everybody else know that the email was doing the rounds.

I have sent a copy to NOCHEX to let them see it but they are already aware of it. The body of the email was exactly the same as thier web site so it does look right it was the return address that caught my eye.

Take it easy !!!!

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