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No Ubuntu for you ... Not yours


Stranger Than Fiction
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I'm not sure if this is a new "feature" in the Ubuntu installer or if I'm just crazy. Basically the last time I installed Ubuntu I was given the option of resizing my partitions (either automatically or manually) or reformatting and using the whole hard disk. This time around the only option that works is to reformat and use the whole disk. I can select guided partitioning, if I do I get helpful options such as.


With a little radio button next to each of them. Now I don't speak linux. Maybe those options makes total sense to everyone who does. But to me, its garbage. I mean really, what the hell is (0 anyway?

My other option is using the manual partitioner. If I select that one it tells me I haven't defined a root partition and I must fix this before I continue. I don't know what that means, and I don't see any option to fix it. I can click on my NTFS partition and select edit, but all that does it give me the option to change my mount point (no idea what that means either) nothing about resizing the NTFS partition. I suppose I could use a windows partitioning tool and resize like that. However that last time I used one of those (partition commander I believe) I completely lost my system and had to reformat. So yeah, it would appear that I'm screwed. Unless anyone has a suggestion.

PS: I don't have any extra room for a another harddrive on this box, so no need in suggesting that to me.

PPS: The Ubuntu installer seems to really hate widescreen. It somehow stuffed the entire screen into the right hand side, there is no way to change it to fill the whole screen. Hopefully there will be a way when (if) I get it installed.


Stranger Than Fiction
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Yes I am using Gutsy. The guide looks solid however I never actually see the little slider bar under the guided partitioning option. If I select guided I get the stupid 0 0) (0 things again. Part of me thinks my install disk is somehow corrupted but how is it even getting that far if the disk itself is bad. Also this is my 2nd disk from a second ISO. So that seems impossible. Just not sure anymore.


Stranger Than Fiction
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Well I figured it out, but it still won't work. I hate when that happens.

I downloaded this livecd called gparted, figuring if the Ubuntu install disk won't partition then I'll do it myself. I boot from the disk and it tells me there is something wrong with my hdd and to run chkdsk /f. That gets me thinking, if its the hdd, then maybe Ubuntu wasn't broken after all. I run chkdks /f, no errors found. I boot with the Unbuntu disk and voilà there is the missing resize slider! I resize the disk and it errors out. I run chkdsk /f again, again no errors. I boot from the gparted disk, resize my ntfs, format my new partition as ext3 and click apply. It works for a few seconds then fails and says there are errors on the disk, run chk ... blah blah blah.

So I can't install it and I can't find any errors on the disk. So I'm kinda stumped, I guess I just won't install Ubuntu. I don't know if I should be concerned about the health of my hdd or not. Very strange indeed.

Dark Atheist

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i have had programs report to me that something is wrong with the drive - and i have done what you have done many times, chkdsk x: /f - about 3 times untill i see the windows found no problem msg, then i run chkdsk x: /r /f , and then walk away.

If the programs still say this (mainly diskeeper) then i worry, mind you the last time i tried ubuntu (7.04) on main pc and aptop their installer was a pita, i had to use the text installer - or their alternative installer.

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