No sounds with the mediaplayer???!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mtbnl, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. mtbnl

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    I have a problem with a movie called minority report, it's in ac3 codec, but when i try to play it with xp mediaplayer i don't hear anything!!! Can somebody tell me what codec do i need to play it with mediaplayer, or else can you tell me which player supports ac3 codec???

    Thanx ppl:(
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    Try Divx . I use it for alot of movies and if WinPlayer wont play it, divx just might.
  3. Burpster

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    also get this Nimo50Build7 ...there is a newer build (build8) get the build 7 ....8 causes problems with XviD
  4. mtbnl

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    Thanx guys, but i allready tried to download the nimo file, but it didn't worked at all, because i can't hear the sound of that movie!!! And i have installed divx the playa allready, but it doesn't support ac3 of it's own, so have to have a simple codec but where can i find it, that's my problem!!! Thanx anyway!
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