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No sound volumn


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I reinstalled the drivers on my nvidia sound on board sound. Everything looks normal in device manager. I can hear a small beep from the speakers when I turn the volumn up with the speaker in the systray and the volumn all the way up on the speakers. The speakers are plugged in to the wall outlet and the proper spot on the sound card.

I need some other things to troubleshoot to get my sound back.



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Can you plug headphones into the sound card or into the speakers - it is possible the speakers blew out.

Did anything happen around the time that your sound stopped working?


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I checked and moved the speaker plug from the black hole to the green one and now it is working. I don't remember moving the speaker plug though. I have always had it in the black hole.


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My setup is yellow, green, and grey...
Which is weird.. i dont use the black one....
I have an Asus. and i had trouble with the boards sound from the start.
Not necessarily not hearing anything, but my board doesn't seem to like the 5.1 surround, even though it is a 5.1 surround board...
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