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no sound in DIVX movie



I'm at my wits end at the moment...I downloaded two avi files recently, and despite my best efforts, I can't manage to get the sound to play on them.

I had 3.11, 4.12, and 5.02 codecs installed originally. I got an error that Windows Media Player 2 couldn't download the correct codec, media player 8 didn't play the sound, and neither did The Playa or Divx Player 2.0.

So I reinstalled them all, but it still didn't work.

I downloaded the nimo pack and installed all of the audio codecs there, but once again came up with a blank.

I'm running xp with a SB live! value card

can anyone help me???? I'm desperate for answers here.

Is there some way I can ascertain how it's been encoded so that I can find the correct codecs to play it? Is there some magical codec that will bring light to my life? Any information, no matter how irrelevant, may help me!


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several seconds after making that post, it seems that I've fixed the problem myself

some of the bits of the audio codec from the nimo thing weren't actualyl under the heading of audio, so I skipped over them

but all is good now

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i have a similar problem. just downloaded a divx clip, but when i start it up the media player is trying to connect to the codec download, but gets an error when trying to download it. i have the 5.02 codecs installed and this is the only file that doesent work. i mean the picture shows, but not the sound??what to do what to do??


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i dont rembember what the fix is named but it corrects just the problem you are talking about. download it from the section "downloads" at divxcrawler.com (every download is discribed very good what it does so its not really hard to miss)


Problem solve

if you are gettin no audio out of your divx movies, you need AC3 codec( its addon audio) just install that and you be fine.
thanx FoSsiL and ludlo. which of the files am i supposed to click on when i extract the AC3 zip file? i noticed a win2000,win98 and a 32 bit batch file in there. btw, i'm running windows xp pro.

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